Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday Talk: Sammy Keyes

My internet has been down for the last day and half, so this post is a little late, sorry.  Today I want to discuss a very fun, action-packed, and award winning mystery series for young readers/middle grades.  The Sammy Keyes series, by Wendelin Van Draanen is so much fun.  Each adventure follows the 13-year-old amateur detective Sammy as she tries to solve mysteries.  The story lines are fast-paced, hilarious, and full of drama.  The characters are fantastic.  Sammy is a spit-fire with the habit of speaking her mind.  I just love this series.  I will be honest, I have not read every title yet (there are 17 so far).  In my opinion, this series stands out because the author does such a wonderful job of seamlessly weaving humor and drama together.  Most of her books are quite funny, yet they have other layers to them that elevates them to another level.  Her characters come across as real people dealing with real problems.  If you enjoy this series, I recommend giving more of the author's books a try.  Most of her books are for Young Adults.  Flipped and Swear to Howdy are two of my favorites.  Check out Sammy Keyes.  Happy reading.

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