Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Talk: Pushing the Limits series

This summer I discovered a new author that is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Young Adult authors.  Katie McGarry has a contemporary romance series, Pushing the Limits, that I am loving.  All three of these books are filled with fabulous characters.  In my opinion, Katie McGarry has a gift for bridging the gap between seemingly opposite people.  All her characters have many levels to them.  She does a wonderful job of portraying that no matter what someone's circumstance in life might be, it doesn't exempt them from having real problems.  All of her characters are incredibly flawed, but absolutely likeable.  I find myself cheering them on.  Like her characters, each of her books have many levels to them.  The stories keep you engaged and wanting more.  I'm excited for the next book to come out.  DISCLAIMER:  These books aren't for everyone.  I would not recommend them to anyone under 16.  Also, keep in mind the characters are very gritty and therefore tend to have quite foul mouths.  There is a lot of bad language (my one huge complaint).  If that bothers you, then steer clear of these books.  If it doesn't bother you, then definitely plan on reading them.  Read on for descriptions of each book.  Happy reading!
1356116417233800The first book (Pushing the Limits) follows the story of former popular girl, Echo Emerson, who suffers from night terrors and disfiguring scars running up and down her arms.  All Echo wants is "normal" again.  When the school's social worker offers her a tutoring job, Echo jumps at the opportunity.  She is paired with bad boy Noah Hutchins, a victim of the foster system.  Noah is consumed with discovering where his brothers are and how he can win custody of them after graduation.  Scheming turns into romance and together they find a normal they can both be happy with.  The second book (Dare You To), follows Beth Risk, Noah's foster sister.  In an effort to protect her screwed up mother, Beth takes the fall and ends up in jail.  Her estranged uncle shows up with a proposition she has no choice but to accept.  Thrown into a new school and a new life she wants nothing to do with, Beth struggles to accept a chance at normalcy and happiness.  Enter Ryan Stone, a baseball star on course to the majors with a secret he hasn't told anyone.  Unable to turn down a dare, he begins pursuing Beth, determined to get her to go out with him and complete the dare.  The mutual attraction is undeniable.  He teaches her to trust and she opens up his world to new possibilities.  The third book (Crash Into You) follows Isaiah Walker, Noah and Beth's foster brother/best friend.  Desperate to break free from the foster system, but sadly lacking the funds to support himself, Isaiah agrees to participate in street racing.  To everyone Rachel Young is a rich, private school attending, perfect daughter/sister.  In reality, she is obsessed with cars and suffers from debilitating panic attacks.  One night while looking for adventure, she enters a street race (against scary, tattooed Isaiah).  When things go horribly wrong, the pair find themselves owing a lot of money to the wrong person.  They have six weeks to save themselves and each other.

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