Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Three: Christmas Picture Book Favorites

I have a lot of Christmas picture books I love, but I have narrowed it down to my favorite three.  All of these are books I think everyone who celebrates Christmas should own, even if you don't have kids.  I make it a habit to read these every year.  I know some of you read a Christmas picture book every day in December.  If these aren't already in your rotation, definitely add them next year.
590962The Gift of the Magi1. Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
This book has been around for a long time (originally published in 1963).  I only discovered it about 7 years ago.  The story follows the tip of the Christmas tree.  The tree is too tall for Mr. Willowby, so he chops the tip off.  The tip keeps getting cut off until only a tiny tree remains, big enough for a mouse.  All from one tree, a handful of people/creatures get their very own tree as well.  You watch as the Christmas spirit spreads to all who are touched by this most magnificent of trees. 
2. The Gift of the Magi
This classic O. Henry tale has been republished a gazillion times and has been around forever.  My mom used to read it to me and my siblings every year when I was younger.  The story follows a poor husband and wife who find the perfect Christmas gifts for one another.  The only problem, they don't know how to pay for them.  The husband sells his prized pocket watch to buy a beautiful set of hair combs for his wife.  She chops off and sells her coveted hair to pay for a new chain for his pocket watch.  This tale of love and sacrifice touches my heart every time I read it.
Mortimer's Christmas Manger3. Mortimer's Christmas Manger
This cute story is about a little mouse who has grown tired of his dank little hole.  He ventures out into the house in search of a new home.  He spies a nativity set and thinks the stable looks like the perfect home, the manger the perfect bed.  He drags the figures out of the stable and makes himself comfortable.  When he overhears the family telling the story of Jesus, he understands who the figures are.  Giving Jesus his bed back, Mortimer prays for a new home that will have room for him.  The illustrations are adorable, and it is a cute approach to the Christmas Story.

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