Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Three: Action/Adventure YA Series

1367822956491.  Alex Rider
Any fan of James Bond will enjoy this series.  It follows fourteen-year-old Alex Rider as he gets recruited/blackmailed into working for MI6 (Britain's CIA).  He is very reluctant to work for them, but as a teenager he is the perfect undercover agent.  Little does he know, he has been training for this his whole life.  All the extreme sports, martial arts, and language lessons his uncle kept him involved in have him ready to play the part.  Equipped with gadgets as his only protection/help (they won't let him carry weapons) he is repeatedly coerced/thrown in to dangerous and deadly situations.  These books are fast-paced and very enjoyable. 
2.  Bloody Jack
6574102Jacky Faber is such a fun main character.  She is so spunky and full of life.  She has a big heart and yearns to be good, but temptation pretty much always gets the best of her.  She never lets an opportunity pass her up.  She is resourceful, street smart, loyal, restless, and very ambitious.  Her life is full of adventure.  Jacky constantly finds herself in dangerous situations and always wiggles her way out of them.  The friends she surrounds herself with are just as fun as she is.  Her adventures take her all over the world, touching base in London and Boston, but she is at home on the open seas.  These books are fun to read and fantastic on audio. 
3.  Heist Society
 This series reminds of Ocean's Eleven.  This "crew" is made up of a bunch of teenagers though.  Raised in the family business, Katarina Bishop has been a master thief since childhood.  Each job seems more impossible than the last, but maybe this ragtag group of cons/thieves is just the group to pull it off.  You get to be right there with the characters as they plan and execute the perfect crime, all led by a reluctant Katarina.  What she wants more than anything, is to get out of the life, but when it is all you know and all the people around you are pulling you back in, it may just be impossible.  This is a relatively new series (only 3 books so far).  If you are looking to have some fun, give it a try.

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