Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday Three: Caldecott Winner Favorites

Some of my favorite Caldecott Medal winners have been from the last couple years.  For years I was underwhelmed with the chosen books.  Perhaps illustrators have just been more inspired as of late, or perhaps my tastes are just more in sync with the crop of picture books being published.  Regardless of the reasons, I have enjoyed the turn around in the last five or so years.  I'm not saying I don't like older winners, I just really like most of the recent ones. 
135310241.  This is Not My Hat (2013)
I thought last year's winner was just so cute.  The illustrations are rather simple, but they tell part of the story in a wonderful way.  The little fish steals the hat of a large fish and thinks he can outsmart him.  He thinks he can hide in a place no large fish will ever find him.  Of course he is absolutely wrong.  Some people don't like the way the "Don't steal" message is portrayed in this book, but I think it is a cute and silly story nonetheless.
72689952.  A Sick Day For Amos McGee (2011)
This is such a cute little book.  It starts with following Amos McGee, a zookeeper, through a typical day of work.  He is tends to stick to a routine, always visiting his good animal friends the elephant, the tortoise, the penguin, the rhinoceros and the owl.  One day the animals wait and wait for him.  When he doesn't show up, they catch a bus to his house to go see him.  He is home sick.  They in turn take care of him for the day, doing all the things he usually does for them.  It is just such a cute book, and I absolutely love the illustrations.  Definitely pick up a copy of this one!
65341323.  The Lion & The Mouse (2010)
This wordless retelling of the famous Aesop's Fable is fabulous.  Jerry Pinkney's illustrations are just magnificent.  The tale of two unlikely friends reminds us that no good deed goes unpunished.  When the mouse stumbles upon the lion, the lion chooses to let him go.  Later, when poachers catch the lion in their trap, the mouse hears his roars and comes to the rescue, chewing through the net and freeing the lion.  The pictures portray the emotion in the animal's faces so well.  No words are needed to convey the message.  Fantastic retelling, if I do say so myself.

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