Friday, April 25, 2014

The Tale of Three Trees

181400The Tale of Three Trees is usually brought out for Christmas and/or Easter.  It is a little late for both, but today is Arbor Day and what better way to celebrate trees than read about three very important trees.  Now I realize the purpose of Arbor Day is to plant trees.  This story is about cutting them down, but it is about a lot more than that.  This book will have little interest to those who are not Christian, although the message is relevant to all.  It is about three trees with big dreams.  The first one hopes to be used to make a wondrous treasure chest to hold great riches.  The second one dreams of becoming a magnificent sailing ship to carry great kings.  The third wishes to grow tall so that people will look up and think of God.  When three woodcutters climb their hill to cut them down, the first two are excited that their dreams are about to come true.  The third tree has a little more trouble seeing her potential as her greatest wish seems to be dashed.  Although each tree doesn't end up as they originally dreamed, each fulfills the purpose they hoped for.  The first is carved into a manger, holding the greatest treasure the world has ever seen.  The second is made into a simple fishing boat that carries the King of Kings as he calms the waters.  The third is made into the cross that forever stands as a reminder of God and his great sacrifice.  As each tree serves an important role in the life of Jesus Christ, we are reminded that God has a plan for us.  Even when we can't see the big picture, it doesn't mean there isn't one.  We all have the potential to do great things if only we dare to dream.  This book is a must for every Christian library.  It has a great message that can inspire all.  Happy reading!

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