Monday, May 12, 2014

Christina Katerina and the Box

875035Christina Katerina is one lucky girl.  When her parents buy a new refrigerator, she quickly claims the box.  Setting it up under the apple tree in her front yard, she first turns it into a castle.  When Fats, the neighbor boy, kicks it over, she turns it into a clubhouse.  That lasts until Fats makes the roof cave in.  No worries, Christina turns it into a race car.  Trying to be helpful, Fats cuts the front off to look at the motor.  Not to be deterred, Christina flattens the box out and turns it into the floor of a mansion.  The two have a wonderful ball, until Fats decides to clean the floor by hosing it off.  Unfortunately that is the end of the box, as it deteriorates in the grass.  Christina's mother couldn't be more happy.  She never wanted the box in her front yard to begin with.  Too bad for her, because Fats' parents just bought a new washer and dryer.  This book is so much fun.  It really captures the imagination of young children.  Where we see a box, they see a world of potential.  My daughter can spend days playing in boxes.  Every time we go to Costco, she immediately claims the box for herself.  I can definitely identify with Christina's mother in just wanting the box to be gone.  Find this book, read it, buy it if you can.  Happy reading!

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