Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thursday Next

The Thursday Next series is truly one of the most fun series I have read.  It will appeal to fans of classic literature.  The fictional characters we have come to love over the years are actual living characters in this series.  The main character, Thursday Next, is a literary detective who polices books and makes sure the plots and characters stay safe.  If necessary, she goes inside the book to set things straight.  It is a very clever series.  Perhaps a story you love isn't as it always was.  Perhaps the original manuscript was destroyed and replaced with the version you know.  Perhaps somebody changed it and the literary detectives couldn't undo the damage.  Perhaps an entire crucial character was erased from the entire story.  This series explores some of these fantastical occurrences.  These books are multi-layered  and never boring.  They are fast-paced and full of fun.  As a lover of classic literature, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series.  I have only read the first five, and then I lost interest in book six.  Just because the series sort of petered out for me, doesn't mean the beginning isn't strong.  I would definitely recommend the first five books.  You are on your own after that.  The author came back to the series after writing a couple books in a different series (based on the Nursery Rhyme world, similar in idea to this series), and it just fell flat for me.  I didn't even finish book six.  I just couldn't get into it.  Maybe I will give it another chance sometime and maybe I'll even read books seven and eight someday.  Who knows?  As it is, I really enjoyed the characters and stories in the beginning of the series.  If you are a fan of Jane Eyre, you'll enjoy the first book.  There are plenty of other literary characters in The Eyre Affair as well, but it centers around the characters and plot of Jane Eyre.  Like I said, these books are clever and fun.  Give them a try.  Happy reading!

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