Friday, May 2, 2014

Tickle Monster

5984611Tickle Monster is a one of those books that I love to come back to.  When it was released it came in a kit with two tickle mitts.  I didn't want to buy the kit, but whenever I read it to my daughter I wish I had those mitts.  It is such a fun book.  I've done this book for a storytime at my bookstore, and I have yet to meet a kid who didn't love it.  It is the story of a fun and loving monster from planet tickle who loves nothing more than to tickle kids.  He starts with their toes and works his way through all the ticklish spots.  At the end he tells the kid he loves him/her and heads back to his planet.  The illustrations are adorable and the fun rhyming tempo lets kids guess where they are getting tickled next.  Since I've never met a little kid who doesn't like to be tickled, this book is one they all can enjoy again and again.  I've made the mistake of reading it at bedtime.  Not the best idea I've had.  Tickling does not inspire relaxation, so perhaps choose another time of day to give this book a go.  Happy reading!

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