Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is one of my all-time favorite children's authors.  His twisted sense of humor and uncanny ability to capture the dark side of people has provided hours of entertainment for me.  He has always been more than successful at captivating me with his characters, both good and bad.  He created unique individuals that aren't soon forgotten.  I only wish he was still alive to create the magnificent adventures of my childhood for generations to come.  He is one of those authors whose work will never go out of print.  When I was young I would listen to James and the Giant Peach over and over again.  That was one of my favorite books.  I longed for the adventure of traveling over the sea in a giant peach.  Matilda speaks to my love of books.  The BFG is another fun adventure, filled with unlikely friendship.  The Twits sees the worlds worst adults get what's coming to them.  All kids can appreciate that.  Esio Trot is such an adorable love story.  These five are my favorite of his books, but I like all of them.  I read the Witches after I had seen the movie a million times and found that I liked the movie version slightly better.  In my opinion Roald Dahl should be a part of every child's library.  I know some parents don't like the dark side of each book, or the consistently horrible adults portrayed in the stories.  I think that all kids will encounter horrible adults at some point, and these books can perhaps help empower them a little.  Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, his books have the power to spark the imagination.  I think that ability is priceless in children's literature.  I have listened to a handful of his books on audio and all of them are fabulous.  If you have a short road trip ahead, these books make a wonderful accompaniment to any drive.  Listen to them with your kids.  Read the books together as well.  They are wonderful.  Happy reading!

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