Friday, June 27, 2014

The Violet Eden Chapters

I found The Violet Eden Chapters, a.k.a. the Embrace series, to be quite good.  The author created a world involving fallen angels (exiles of light and exiles of dark) and angel-made human warriors known as Grigori.  The two sides are in constant battle.  The exiles are strong, ambitious, and a tad crazy.  Most desire to rule the humans, and it is up to the Grigori to protect the human race.  Grigori are made when an angel imbues his essence upon a baby during its first few weeks of life.  Violet is one such baby.  On her seventeenth birthday, her world changes.  She learns of the hidden world surrounding her and the new powers growing inside her.  She feels betrayed by Lincoln, the man who has been training her (and who she has been falling in love with) for the last two years.  It turns out he is Grigori and knew all along that she is too.  He was training her to become his partner.  All Grigori have partners that can help heal them and fight side by side with them, the down side is they can never be together as a couple because it weakens them.  The books are filled with the whole will they won't they between Violet and Lincoln.  They are in love, but can't be together.  Then there is Phoenix (my favorite character in the series).  He is an exile, only different from the others.  He hasn't gone mad and is able to pass himself off as human when he wants to (it is because of who his parents are).  He also has his sights set on Violet.  The two have a complicated relationship.  Part of him loves her and part of him wants to destroy her.  His dual nature makes him the ultimate unpredictable foe.  Despite all he does, Violet repeatedly trusts him.  He is a very interesting character.  The love triangle is fun too.  You always know Violet is in love with Lincoln, but a part of her will always belong to Phoenix.  Outside the love story, it is a story of life and death, survival and annihilation, friendship and loyalty.  A war is brewing and Violet and her friends have to do all they can, including give their lives if need be to stop the exiles.  There is lots of action and danger, suspense and twists, betrayal and grief.  Each book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  They are all well written with interesting and action-packed plots.  I vastly enjoyed this series and highly recommend it.  Happy reading!

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