Friday, July 11, 2014

The Ascendance Trilogy

I recently read The Ascendance Trilogy, partly to see what the fuss was about.  A while back the first book was quite popular for awhile and I was curious.  I found that I rather enjoyed these books.  They got increasingly better as the story progressed through the three volumes.  In the False Prince a nobleman scours orphanages to find candidates he can train to act as the missing, presumed dead, young prince.  He chooses a few young boys that could pass for the prince and trains them up.  He will pick one to make an attempt at the throne, if he can convince the regents that he is Jaron.  In The Runaway King, Jaron's regents don't believe the threat to Carthya is real and are pushing to place a steward on the throne until Jaron comes of age.  To save his country, Jaron flees to confront and destroy the pirates that pose the biggest threat to his country.  In the Shadow Throne, all three neighboring kingdoms have banded together to wage war on Carthya and the young King.  King Vargan of Avenia wants to overthrown Jaron and set himself up as emperor of all the land.  The war seems impossible to win and the likelihood of survival slim.  This series is very fast-paced, full of action and adventure, suspense and intrigue, loyalty and friendship.  Jaron is quite the witty young man and proves to be the thorn in many a side.  He is a very smart, strong and fast thinking leader, proving more of an opponent than any gauge him to be.  The characters are very likable.  Jaron, Imogen, Ronan, Amarinda, Tobias, Mott, Harlow, to name a few.  It is definitely worth reading.  I found myself rather entertained, trying to keep up with Jaron and his antics.  Give them a try.  Happy reading!

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