Monday, August 4, 2014


19565411I stumbled upon Gaston the other day and just loved it.  I was looking for new picture books and was immediately drawn to this cute cover.  The book is about two families of dogs.  Gaston is one of four puppies in a litter of poodles.  The fact that he is different, a bulldog, doesn't seem to cross their minds.  He tries very hard at all his lessons in proper etiquette.  After all, the dogs in his family are all about being proper.  One day they go to the dog park and come across another family of dogs, also with four youngsters.  This family is all bulldogs, save one poodle.  The mothers immediately realize what must have happened.  They leave it up to Gaston and Antoinette to decide what to do.  When they switch back to their birth families, nothing goes well.  The poodles are way too refined for Antoinette and the bulldogs are too wild for Gaston.  Besides, they miss their real families.  All is resolved at the next trip to the park.  Once the dogs are back where they truly belong, all is well again.  I just thought this book was adorable.  The illustrations are lots of fun.  This book really touches on the fact that family is about more than blood.  It is about love and affection.  It really is a wonderful, heartwarming book.  I am definitely glad I picked it up.  You should find a copy too.  Happy reading!

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