Friday, September 5, 2014

Jasper Dent

This trilogy follows Jasper Dent, son of the most famous serial killer of all time.  His father Billy was finally arrested after 123 kills.  Jasper was raised by him to be his successor.  As the protege to a crazed sociopath, Jasper grew up with lessons on how to kill, torture, mutilate, as well as clean up a crime scene to ensure no evidence is left behind.  There were lots more lessons that Jasper can't get out of his head.  Billy's voice is always there, egging him on, telling him to kill.  All Jasper wants is to be normal, but he will never have that.  As Billy says, "You're a killer who hasn't killed yet."  Jasper is in constant fear that Billy is right.  He is determined to overcome his upbringing and his genetics, but isn't sure it is even possible.  He does what he can to keep himself from turning into another sociopath.  He befriends the weakest boy in town, Howie, a hemophiliac.  He makes sure that Howie is by his side whenever he is doing anything that toes the line.  He starts dating Connie, a black girl, because she is safe.  Billy never killed a black woman.  He keeps these two close, and they in turn are determined to keep him from becoming Billy.  He helps the police by pointing out things in crime scenes they may have missed.  After all, he has a serial killer in his head and knows how they think.  He helps the cops track down other serial killers, and gets sucked into their sick games.  The series is dark, twisted, and gruesome, a psychological roller coaster ride.  It is about serial killers, so couldn't really be anything else.  The characters are great and the intensity of the story just sucks you right in.  You can't help but cheer for Jasper as he struggles to stay on the right side of the line.  All he really wants is to put an end to Billy once and for all.  He is prepared to kill him if need be.  These books are very good.  The writing is excellent and the pacing keeps you up at night.  Like I said earlier, they are quite gruesome and intense.  You feel like you are right in there with Jasper and crew as the serial killers play with them and taunt them.  It is enough to give you nightmares, if this kind of stuff does that to you.  For me, I have a sick fascination with it.  I love Dateline and 48 Mysteries, etc.  Crime Dramas are my favorite TV shows.  This is right up my alley.  I loved every second of it.  Give it a try, if you dare.  Book three, Blood of my Blood, is set to release next week on Tuesday (9/9).  Happy reading!

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