Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Talk: The Body Finder

I've decided to start doing a Tuesday post dedicated to simply discussing books, authors, genres, and/or entire series.  This week, in continuation of the October is Mystery Month theme, I'm going to focus on Young Adult mysteries.  In particular, a series by Kimberly Derting called The Body Finder.  This series is supposedly over, although the author may decide to go back to it the future.  I would love that, but it is also nice to not have to wait for the next title.  As it stands, there are four books in the series.  The story follows Violet, a teenager with a special gift/curse.  She has the ability to sense the dead, be it animal or human, as long as they die in any unnatural way.  Each dead body leaves behind what she refers to as an echo.  While this may sound cool, Violet is unable to rest until the body is at rest, properly buried.  She suffers from an overwhelming compulsion to find the body, which can lead to trouble and danger.  Especially when a serial killer is involved.  The other side of her power is that she can sense a matching imprint on the killer.  One of the downsides to her ability is that it makes it very uncomfortable for her to be around anyone who has ever killed (including cops, soldiers, hunters, etc.).  The imprint they carry is often unbearable for her.  Sometimes it is an awful smell, other times a sound/song, and others an image.  What will happen to Violet when she is plagued by her own imprint?  Throughout the series Violet uses her ability to track down killers, all the while trying to have as normal a life as possible.  I love the characters, and the writing is engaging.  The murder mystery keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  At the core, this series is a murder mystery/thriller, with a supernatural twist.  If you are looking for a good thriller, even if you aren't typically a Young Adult fan, I recommend giving The Body Finder series a try.  Happy reading!

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  1. This is also a great series! I picked up the first one on your recommendation and really liked every one of them.