Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Talk: The Wishes series

17820485A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a book by Australian author, G.J. Walker-Smith.   I downloaded the free e-book and then promptly forgot about it.  When I was looking for something to read, I came across it in my library and thought, "What do I have to lose."  It had over 4 stars on Goodreads so I figured I'd give it a shot.  I wish I hadn't waited.  As soon as I finished Saving Wishes, I immediately bought Second Hearts and read it the next day.  I rarely get lucky on books/authors I've never heard of, but this is definitely a winner.  The third and final installment of the trilogy just came out yesterday and I quickly ate it up.  The characters are just so much fun.  Charlotte (Charli) is so spunky and free spirited.  She totally believes in faeries and lives with one foot firmly planted in La La Land.  She believes in listening to the universe and always goes with her first thought.  She also completely believes in happy endings, no matter how long it may take to achieve.  When rich and ambition New Yorker Adam Decarie breezes into her small Tasmanian town it is love at first sight, for both of them.  Their lives are forever changed, but being together is far from easy.  They have completely different lives and sometimes love will prove to simply not be enough.  Their struggles and heartbreak suck you right in.  The supporting cast, namely Alex and Ryan are so much fun as well.  Saving Wishes takes place in Piper's Cove (Australia), Charli's home turf. Second Hearts takes place in Manhattan, giving us an inside glimpse of the privileged and stuffy world of the Decarie family.  Storm Shells takes place a little in both places.  I'm a sucker for a good love story and this series was awesome.  It was a lot deeper and real, and not at all fluffy (at least to me) like a lot of chick lit.  I definitely recommend giving it a try.  Happy reading!

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