Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Talk: The Sisters Grimm

295832I was going to save this series for June, Audiobook Month, because it is so fabulously done on audio, but I just couldn't wait.  The Sisters Grimm, by Michael Buckley, is one of my all-time favorite kid's series.  It is aimed at Young Readers/Middle Grades.  The stories follow sisters Sabrina and Daphne, the youngest living descendants of the famous Brothers Grimm.  When they go to live with their grandmother, they discover who they are and the truth about the fairy tales they were told at bedtime.  The characters in those stories are real, and they are trapped in the small town the girls now live in.  The Grimm Brothers entrapped them to protect the world from their magic and nefarious schemes.  Some of the fairy tale characters are good and some are evil, and some aren't what they seem.  The Grimms are put on the case, solving crimes and uncovering mysteries.  The cast of characters is so much fun.  Snow White is the school teacher, Prince Charming is the mayor, the Big Bad Wolf is the Grimm's driver/protector of sorts, the Three Little Pigs are the policemen, and many more.  Granny Relda is a spitfire of an old lady.  Notorious prankster Puck joins the girls on most of their adventures, acting as their (especially Sabrina's) personal tormentor.  Each story is an adventure in itself, each case building on each other, leading to an inevitable war between each side.  I just love this series.  I am constantly recommending it to people.  I think everyone should read it (or listen to the audio, the voices are fantastic).  There are nine books in the series and it is over, so you don't have to wait for the next one to come out.  I'm telling you, the whole family can enjoy this series together.  I promise you won't regret giving it a try.  Happy reading!

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