Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thursday Three: Newbery Winner Favorites

ALA Awards season is upon us.  January 27th is the big day for the announcement of this year's (really last year's) winners.  This month I am going to focus on my favorites of the big two: Newbery and Caldecott Medals.  There are a lot of Newbery winners I love, some of which I have previously discussed in this blog.  Today I am going to talk about three I haven't previously mentioned.
233817387091. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM (1972)
 This is one of my all-time favorite books.  I loved it as a child and again when I reread it as an adult.  I'm not usually huge on animal personification, but this book is just fabulous.  You've got adventure, danger, intrigue, friendship, and much more.  I think every child should read this book.  It draws you in from the very beginning and keeps you hooked right through the end.  It contains a depth that most children's books don't ever achieve.
2.  Holes (1999)
I've always been a fan of Louis Sachar (the Wayside School books are the best), so when he finally won a Newbery I was so excited.  This book is just so much fun.  There is a heavy dose of karma woven throughout, a message that what you do has consequences.  It is a story of friendship, family and adventure.  The past and the present are magically woven together to tell a story that spans the generations.  Two families' fates are intertwined by a decision made decades ago.  Holes is filled with fun characters.  Definitely a book worth getting lost in for awhile.
3. A Year Down Yonder (2001)
1351516This is the sequel to the 1999 Newbery Honor winner A Long Way From Chicago (the only Honor book chosen that year).  It is truly a delight (both are).  The characters are utterly unforgettable.  The antics the children (Joey and Mary Alice) and their grandmother get up to are hilarious.  The first book covers the tales and trouble had over seven summers visiting their grandmother.  The second book follows the year Mary Alice moves in with the feisty old lady.  These books will leave you laughing and smiling.  Definitely make them part of your collection.

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