Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Three: Valentine's Picture Books

So none of these books are strictly Valentine's stories, but they all have a love element to them.  As with every holiday (except Christmas), I tend to lean toward the books that are displayed with the holiday books, but not exactly holiday themed. 
2095861.  Falling for Rapunzel
This is such a cute and funny book.  It is an hilarious twist on the Rapunzel fairy tale.  When the prince calls up to her, Rapunzel repeatedly mishears him.  This book will have you laughing at every page turn.  It is just so much fun.  When the prince finally rides off into the sunset, he is heading off to his happily ever after with Rapunzel's maid instead of the princess herself.  The ending is just so funny too.  Rapunzel walks down and opens her door, only showing the entire ridiculous exercise was all for naught.  I did a bad job talking it up, but it is definitely a "princess" book everyone should read.  It is SOOO cute and funny.  Definitely one of my favorite picture books.
11100342.  The Kiss That Missed
Now this is a cute bedtime story.  While there is no romance element to this tale, it does involve an important kiss.  When the King comes in to bid his son goodnight, he hastily blows him a kiss instead of going to kiss him on the cheek.  Unfortunately, the kiss ends up going out the window.  The Prince cannot go to sleep without the kiss, so the Knight is summoned to track it down.  He must brave the scary forest, battle a dragon and overcome his fears, all to bring the goodnight kiss home.  The illustrations are just adorable.  This is definitely a bedtime story worth reading.
3. Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story
1392352This story should be included in everyone's collection simply for the banjo playing, crooning porcupine.  This poor little guy lives in a petting zoo and longs to be loved and cuddled just like all his neighbors.  Since love isn't coming to him, he sets out in search of it.  At every turn he is scorned and sent packing.  That is, until he meets a lovely lady hedgehog.  She doesn't find him unpleasant at all.  This story has cute illustrations and a fun little song on almost every page.  I think this book might be out of print, but I'm sure you can find it at your local library at the very least.  It is definitely worth a read.

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