Monday, April 14, 2014


331920Flipped is one of the first Young Adult books I ever read.  It is classified as that, but in reality it is probably more for middle grade kids.  The main two characters are in eighth grade, but it is a love story at the core, even if it takes place on the playground.  It is also the first book I can remember reading that has alternating chapters( narration switch), something I have come to love in books.  I guess I just enjoy getting to hear different perspectives on the events in a story.  It is not always successful, but Wendelin Van Draanen nailed it in this book.  Unlike most books with alternating chapters, this one mostly retells the exact same events from both perspectives.  It is hilarious.  Our two narrators are Bryce and Julianne.  The two meet in second grade when Bryce's family moves in next door to Julianne's.  She is instantly in love with him, and he of course can't stand her.  Bryce does things to try to dissuade her, like get a girlfriend he doesn't even really like.  Julianne, in turn, feels it is her duty to save him from said girlfriend.  At the heart of it, the two don't actually really know each other at all.  They are locked in a game of cat and mouse.  As they get older and get to know each other a little better, Julianne realizes she doesn't really like who Bryce turns out to be under the surface.  Bryce, on the other hand, starts to think Julianne is quite fabulous.  It is now up to him to prove to her that he is worth liking after all.  This book is just so cute and funny.  I think this author has a talent for mixing humor with real emotion.  She writes funny books that have a depth to them as well.  While this book is a love story, it also touches on family loyalty, friendship, standing up for what you believe and not being afraid to be yourself.  I have read it a handful of times and enjoy it immensely with each reread.  If you haven't given it a try yet, I highly recommend it.  It will bring you plenty of laughs as you see these two neighbors interpret simple events in vastly different ways.  Enjoy and happy reading!

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