Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Guardians

Last Easter we watched Rise of the Guardians, and I was intrigued with the characters.  I wanted to read the series that inspired the movie.  In each book, the title character is recruited by the Man in the Moon to become a Guardian (of Childhood).  These are their origin stories so to speak.  The movie isn't exactly based on the books themselves.  It is more on the characters after they have been Guardians for awhile, once again battling Pitch.  If you liked the movie, you will definitely enjoy getting to know the characters back stories more.  Each adventure is filled with wonder and amazement.  They are also filled with danger as the growing group battles Pitch Dark (usually just called Pitch).  He is determined to fill the world with fear and turn children into Fearlings.  The books are so much fun.   The group is searching for all the missing pieces of the Moonclipper.  When assembled, they can stop Pitch once and for all.  If you are looking for long, deep stories, these are not for you.  They are short and fun books aimed at young children.  The first book sets up the series and then the story continues into each, as St. North and the Man in the Moon gather up/recruit the Guardians.  There is a smattering of artwork throughout the books, helping you see what the author had in mind when describing characters and creatures.  Over all, I had a lot of fun with the books and look forward to the series continuing.  As far as I know, there are at least two more planned.  If you are looking for a less fluffy Easter story this year, try this version of the Easter Bunny.  Happy reading!

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