Friday, April 4, 2014

Gallagher Girls

I stumbled upon the Gallagher Girls series years ago.  I read the first book, thought it was cute and that was the end of it.  At the time it was the only book out in the series, and by the time the next book came out I had already forgotten about the series.  It wasn't until I read the first book in Ally Carter's other series (Heist Society) that I was once again reminded of her first series.  What actually made me get back into the Gallagher Girls books was a cross-over novella between the two series.  Double Crossed doesn't take place  until after book five, so I figured I better read these books first.  I was definitely happy I did.  These books, while a little fluffy and silly in the beginning, are so much fun.

Gallagher Academy is an elite,  private, all girls boarding school.  At least that is what it appears to be on the outside.  For the select few chosen to attend the prestigious school, it is quickly seen for what it really is: a secret sisterhood of spies in training.  On this day, International Tell a Lie Day, I figured this was the perfect series to talk about.  After all, spies' very lives depend on their ability to tell lies.  At the center of the stories is a group of girls: Cammie, Rebecca, Macey and Liz.  The roommates find themselves in the middle of all types of trouble throughout the series.  As they get older and as the series progresses, the books start leaving silly behind and start to get real.  The danger and reality of being spies in training and often the target of double agents, the group of friends learn to count on each other for their very survival.

The characters are lots of fun, not just the main four girls.  The teachers and family members, as well as others involved in their little world make these books a success.  One thing I love about these books is they are completely clean, except for some incidental violence that goes along with life as a spy in training.  They don't have any bad language or sex.  They are just good, clean fun.  I love that you never know who you can really trust.  At times you will suspect just about everybody of being a double agent.  Only sometimes will you be right.  The not knowing will definitely keep you on your toes.  To me the series just kept getting stronger as it went on.  That cannot be said for plenty of series I have read; in fact; there are some that I have never bothered to finish because I have lost interest in them.  This series kept me hooked until the very end.  I highly recommend this series, as well as Heist Society, which I wrote about in another post already.  Give them both a try.  I promise you won't be sorry.  They are a lot of fun.  Happy reading!

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