Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Don't Look Back

13418925I received a copy of Don't Look Back from the publisher and couldn't wait to read it.  Jennifer Armentrout is one of my favorite newly discovered authors.  She was recommended to me by a friend who has almost an identical taste in books as I do.  I pretty much like everything she has recommended to me, so I wasn't surprised to discover I liked this author.  This new book will be hitting shelves in just a couple weeks (April 15th to be precise).  This book starts out with a girl wandering on a mountain road, looking a little worse for wear.  When a police officer stops to check on her, we discover that she has no idea what happened to her.  Even worse, she doesn't remember who she or anybody else is.  We come to find out that Samantha has been missing for four days and her best friend, Cassie, disappeared with her.  As she gets reintroduced to her old life, we learn she is fabulously wealthy, is half of a society super couple, is the Q Bee of mean girls, and a total party animal.  She, of course, remembers none of that, and is quite frankly appalled by the lot of it.  She doesn't like her "friends," is vaguely repulsed by her "perfect," gorgeous boyfriend, and doesn't at all like the person she apparently was.  All Sam wants is to remember what happened to her.  She thinks that is the key to discovering what happened to Cassie.  As far as mysteries go, this book is a little thin.  The police investigation is happening off page.  Sam makes no real effort to regain her memory.  Nobody around her seems to really care about what happened to Cassie.  That whole story line is almost secondary.  However, the struggle that Sam goes through trying to decide who she is and what she wants, reconciling the new her with the old her and dealing with Dissociative Amnesia is quite engaging.  I really liked the whole idea of getting a do over.  Most people don't get the opportunity to have a clean slate, and I enjoyed watching Sam find herself.  Mixed in with the self-discovery is the fear that she is crazy.  She keeps hallucinating and finding little notes with clues as to what happened that fateful night.  Her memories are starting to come back in flashes that leave her wondering what's real and what's imagined.  I really enjoyed the characters, especially Sam, her twin brother Scott, and childhood best friend Carson, and Scott's girlfriend Julie.  Like I said, it was hardly an edge-of-your-seat thriller.  You still get a whodunit story, although the clues are there for the taking (it is not super obvious though).  I love a good mystery, but to me this was more of a character journey.  The danger element was missing for most of the book.  I didn't like it any less for that.  Strong characters are what I look for in books, and this one did not disappoint.  It also has an element of romance for those looking for that aspect (there is a little sex for those who are wondering).  This was well written and very enjoyable.  Overall, a good read.  I would definitely recommend it.  Happy reading!

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