Monday, April 21, 2014

Gluten Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread

17836507I was first turned on to this book when I stumbled upon a post of one of her recipes on my favorite food/cooking blog (Mel's Kitchen Cafe).  From there I decided to check out Nicole Hunn's cookbooks and blog.  I am so glad I found her.  Ever since my husband was diagnose with Celiac, life has not been easy for him.  Bread is one of his favorite things.  I have tried a lot of different recipes for sandwich bread, pizza crust, etc. and none of them were very good until I tried her recipes.  Now I am not a master chef, so some of the recipes didn't turn out the first time (you are not required to be a master chef for her recipes), but I have been able to find success.  Being able to eat pizza that doesn't have a cardboard tasting crust has been amazing.  I love being able to make bread that actually tastes good.  I can't wait to try out more of her recipes.  She has a lot in this book that I haven't been brave enough for yet, but I love being able to add breads back into my husbands diet.  He is probably a lot happier than I am about this discovery.  If you have to eat gluten-free, or just choose to, I highly recommend checking these cookbooks out.  This has been my number one favorite book discovery in months, which saying something with how much I read.  The first three chapters are strictly informational.  They are dedicated to flour blends, equipment, what to expect with GF bread, and shaping the dough.  My only major complaint is that she uses specific ingredients/brands that I have only been able to find online.  The cost is about normal, but the shipping fees are exorbitant.  For example, for $32 worth of product, it costs $20 to ship.  When I already have to pay more for gluten free products, I really don't want to have to pay to have them delivered to me.  I have just gone without those those brands and used the closest ingredients I can find.  So far it has worked out fine, but I haven't made a lot of different recipes yet.  She has a whole chapter dedicated to sour dough recipes I am eager to try.  Sour dough is the number one thing my husband misses, so he is also excited for that opportunity again.  If you are looking for some good gluten free breads, or just for some education on gluten free baking, definitely give this cookbook a try.  I also recommend her first two cookbooks.  Happy reading (and cooking)!

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