Friday, April 18, 2014

Percy Jackson

Today I want to talk about one of my absolute favorite series for kids (actually it is two series, but one is a sequel of sorts).  After Harry Potter, Percy Jackson is the second must read kid's series, in my opinion.  I think every kid, and adult alike, should read these books.  They are just awesome.  The first five books (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) follow young Percy as he learns the truth of who he really is and embraces his destiny.  He is a demigod, son of one of the Olympic gods .  The monsters and gods from Greek Mythology are real and he is a key figure in their world, whether he wants to be or not.  In each book he finds himself on some seemingly impossible quest, relying on friends, guts and ingenuity to survive.  The five books are tied together by a prophesy that says when one of the demigods turns 16, he or she will either save or destroy Olympus.  The Titan lord Kronos is the big bad in this series.  As he gains power and starts to break free from his prison in Tartarus, Percy and the other demigods must do whatever they can to stop his army.  Obviously a lot of adventures take place over the course of the series.  They happen over the span of five years, culminating in the dreaded birthday and ensuing battle.  My favorite thing about these books is getting to know the modern day aspects of the gods.  They are quite entertaining.  The characters, not just the gods, but the demigods and other mythical creature, are all extremely fun and very likable.  Percy Jackson is a great hero, full of flaws but loyal to the end.  I can't say enough about this series.  If you haven't read it yet, start it immediately.  The second series, Heroes of Olympus, is still in progress.  It has mostly new characters, sons and daughters of the Roman aspects of the gods.  There are a handful of characters from the Greek side, including Percy, that are also in the series.  The trouble is, the Greek and Roman sides of the gods have always been at war with each other.  The two sides must learn to fight together if they are going to stop the Earth Mother, Gaea, from rising.  So far I am enjoying this series almost as much as the first.  They are well written and full of adventure.  I've always preferred Greek Mythology to Roman, so that is why the first series is a little better, in my opinion.  Still, I am loving this sequel series.  I can't wait until October when book five comes out.  Seriously, if you haven't read this series yet, pick up a copy of The Lightning Thief TODAY and get started.  I promise you won't be sorry.  Happy reading!

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