Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Kids of the Polk Street School

15418338When I was a kid, I was not a huge fan of reading.  There were many other things I would have rather done with my time.  I don't think it was really until high school that I began to develop a passion for books.  However, there are books I remember loving as a child.  Most of them were read to me by my mother.  She would read to us on road trips or gather us around to read a chapter or two a night.  While I enjoyed a good story--who doesn't--it took a long time for me to seek them out to read myself.  While I don't remember being fond of reading, I do remember one series that I absolutely adored.  The Kids of the Polk Street School was the first series that sparked my love of reading.  I remember anxiously awaiting the release of the next volume (I think there are 16, although I'm not sure I have read all of them).  The author also wrote four mystery stories, as companions to the main series.  I believe they have been reprinted and added to another series now (Polka Dot Private Eye).  These are the only books I ever remember going to the store and buying.  We always had lots of books, so obviously there were other trips to the bookstore, but for whatever reason these are the only ones I can recall going for.  I just loved them.  I commandeered them from my mother's house a handful of years ago, because I just had to have them.  They have been reprinted since my childhood, but I prefer the original artwork.  I may have to buy some, since a few either went missing in my youth, or I never owned all of them to begin with.  Either way they are keepers.  Unfortunately, they are old enough you won't be able to find them on the shelves of your local bookstore.  They can, however, be ordered.  Also, your library should have them if you are interested in checking them out.  When my daughter gets older, I fully plan on reading them to her and hope she loves them as much as I did.  If you have any reluctant readers in your family, don't give up hope.  There is a book or series out there that will spark their interest.  The rest is history.  Happy reading!

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