Monday, June 16, 2014


The Starcrossed trilogy is one of my favorite teen series dealing with Greek Mythology.  The cast of characters are all modern day incarnations of tragic demigods of old.  History is stuck in a loop, the same tragic tales played over and over again spanning multiple generations.  The same will happen this time around unless Helen can somehow stop the Fates.  It's a series full of action, betrayal, danger, friendship and family.  It is also a story of starcrossed lovers.  Helen and Lucas are drawn to each other, almost to the detriment of all.  They are this generation's Helen of Troy and Paris.  They share a love that defies all else, but they can't be together.  Both of them constantly struggle to accept the fate they are dealt, all while trying to save the world.  They have to contend with angry gods, try to keep the Furies at bay, and unmask a traitor in their midst.  At the end of the day, all the weight rests on Helen's shoulders.  Can she be strong enough to beat the gods and end the cycle the Fates have them all stuck in?  I really liked this series.  I thought these books were well-written and vastly entertaining.  The characters are all quite enjoyable, even the less than likable ones.  I loved Helen's relationship with her father.  Also, her best friend was all types of fun.  The stories are filled with all the markers of a good fantasy/mythology story: a prophecy, an epic battle, the fight for survival, the responsibility of great power, and a romance to end all romances.  This is a series that I highly recommend.  Happy reading!

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