Friday, July 25, 2014


16068905Fangirl is the ultimate coming of age story.  Twin sisters Cather and Wren are heading off to college.  Wren, the extrovert, wants nothing more than to branch out.  Cath, the introvert, has no interest in meeting anybody.  Her whole world revolves around her fan fiction site.  She has spent years writing Simon Snow (a Harry Potter-like character) fan fiction, gaining thousands of followers.  She prefers to live in that world.  Wren wants to walk away from the fangirl life that bonded them as kids.  She spends too much time partying it up and immersing herself in the college life.  Cath spends all her free time writing.  Her roommate Reagan and her boyfriend Levi make constant attempts to coax her into the real world.

At its core, this book is about growing up.  Change is not something everyone is good with, but it happens anyway.  Cath is one of those people forced to deal with the changes that come from growing up.  She has to decide what she really wants and whether she will let fear keep her from getting it.  It is a story about falling in love, accepting who you are, making new friends, letting go of the past and embracing the future.  The characters are spectacular.  They are so well written you can't help but feel you know them.  This book will just suck you in and keep you going to the very end.

I myself am not now nor have I ever been a fan fiction reader/fan, but the culture of fandom is something that fascinates me.  The passion that people feel for fictional characters and worlds can be contagious.  It always entertains me when I read about or see that world come to life.  This book is really about fandom, so if you are not interested in that, don't let that be what stops you from reading this.  Also, don't read it hoping to get a book about fandom.  This book is about a fangirl who is forced to grow up and figure out what life outside the fantasy world of Simon Snow means.  On her own for the first time, she has to find herself and figure out who she wants to be.  It is definitely worth reading.  Once again, the characters are what make this story stand out.  They are exceptional.  Happy reading!

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