Monday, July 28, 2014

My Teacher is a Monster

18349884My Teacher is a Monster is a very cute new picture book from Peter Brown.  I am a huge fan of his, so of course I immediately read this book as soon as I ran across it.  The little boy is convinced his teacher is a monster.  Of course he is a bit of a trouble maker and she occasionally reprimands him for his behavior.  Of course that makes her a monster.  He doesn't like her at all.  The two butt heads.  Then one day they run into each other at the park.  They reluctantly strike up a conversation and soon the little boy realizes she is a lot more like him than he thought.  The illustrations morph from a monster to a lady.  They go their ways and all is well, until they meet in school again and she yells at him for something.  The monster is back in his eyes.  It is a really cute story about seeing people for who they really are.  Teachers are people to, even if they have to be strict in the classroom!  It was fun watching the two get to know each other in a casual setting.  It gave them each an opportunity to understand the other.  The illustrations are wonderful, as always.  Check out this book if you get a chance.  Happy reading!

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