Monday, August 25, 2014

The Kissing Hand

18419The Kissing Hand is one of my favorite books to recommend for kids who are scared to go to school for the first time.  For some kids, Kindergarten is scary.  It is not the easiest transition to make.  This book is all about coping with being away from your mother and learning to thrive in school.  Chester Raccoon doesn't want to leave his mother and go to school.  He is terrified of taking that step.  His mother tells him a secret that will help him get through the day.  She kisses his palm and tells him that whenever he is feeling sad or lonely, all he has to do is place his kissed palm to his cheek and remember that his mother loves him and is always with him.  This book is also good for mothers who are anxious about sending off their children to school for the first time.  I know that for some, the fear and anxiety resides solely with the parents, while the excitement and anticipation is solely with the kids.  Just before Chester leaves for school, he kisses his mother's palm and reminds her that he loves her and will always be with her.  I just love this book.  The kissing hand idea works for any new situation they may scare us or our children.  It is a wonderful way to remind each other of our love and support.  It is okay to be afraid of things, but we shouldn't let that fear stop us from trying new things.  Every great adventure has to start somewhere.  Happy reading!


  1. Are you reading this to Zoe?

    1. I probably will before Kindergarten. I think she will be like Allie though, full of excitement.