Monday, September 1, 2014

The Miss Nelson Collection

18222718A month of so ago when I saw that all three Miss Nelson books were available in one Hardback collection, I was overjoyed.  I prefer my picture books to be hardcovers, they just last longer.  So now I can have all three of these great stories in one volume.  Even better, the list price is only $12.95.  This is starting to sound like the shopping network, so I'll move on now.

These books have been around forever, longer than I've been alive.  That is a lot of kids who have had the opportunity to be introduced to the foibles of misbehaving in class.  My favorite will always be the first book, Miss Nelson is Missing.  We all fear teachers like Miss Swamp, but the kids today need a little whipping into shape, if you ask me.  The fun illustrations help tell the stories of Miss Nelson's elementary class, and the football team.  Since every school class has at least one naughty kid, usually more than that, this book is the perfect book to remind teachers that turning an out of control classroom around is a possibility.  I love to recommend these stories during back to school time.  I think every teacher, not to mention family, should have this in their collection.  If you don't want all three, definitely pick up the original story and add it to your library today.  Happy reading!

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