Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Talk: The Graveyard Book

I don't usually read hard core horror.  I've never read any Stephen King (I know it's un-American, but it is what it is).  However, I have read a lot of paranormal books that are probably considered horror on some level.  The Graveyard Book won multiple awards in 2009.  It is the only book ever to win both the Newbery and the Carnegie Medals (The UK equivalent).  Originally published as a kid's book, it was reprinted in an adult format to market it with Neil Gaiman's other books (also allowing a higher price point).  I prefer the original kid's cover and price.  This book is truly like nothing else I have ever read.  It is horrific, adventurous, entertaining, heart-warming, playful and inspiring.  The writing was just amazing.  The story is about a young boy, Nobody Owens, raised in a graveyard.  After the brutal murder of his entire family, Bod escapes to the graveyard where he is raised and taught by its inhabitants.  As long as he remains in the graveyard, he is safe from the murderer who longs to finish the job he started.  While it sounds rather dark, I promise there is a lot of positive, light aspects to the story as well.  This is a book everybody should read.  With Halloween being this week, now is a great time to read (or reread) this book.  Happy reading!


  1. I listed to this on audio and Neil Gaiman is the narrator. WOW!

  2. I agree, the audio version is fantastic!