Monday, March 31, 2014

I've decided to change things up a bit.  When I first started this blog I thought it would make it easier for me if I had a formula to follow.  I figured I would leave Tuesdays for whatever I felt like and give three similarly themed recommendations for Thursdays.  In the beginning that did make it easier for me.  Now, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with lists for Thursdays.  It has been causing me way more stress than I signed up for.  I just want to talk about books, so I am going to shake it up a bit.  For now, I 'm going to try to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and stick to one book/series/author for each post.  I may, on occasion, still do lists like I used to.  I may even post on other days.  I can be crazy like that.  I guess you'll just have to subscribe to follow me if you don't want to miss anything!  As you probably know, or have noticed from my other posts, my primary interest tends to lie in the Young Adult genre.  I'm determined not to turn this into a teen review blog, so although I may talk about teen books a lot, I promise to continue to also talk about books for other ages as well.  Of course, a large majority of Young Adult fans tend to actually be adults, so I'm not alone out there.  I still love adult and kids books.  Every week I read new picture books as well, so I want to continue sharing the good ones with you.  While the format of my posting may change a bit, I am not turning this into a review blog.  That said, I will give reviews for the books I choose, but I will only choose books I like.  I'm not going to focus on books I don't like.  I'm all about recommending books, so why waste time talking about books I wouldn't recommend to anybody?  I'll save that for Goodreads.  Hopefully you will like the changes.  Feel free to comment on posts or request genre/topic recommendations in the "Contact Form" portion of my blog (right hand column under "Labels").  Check back on Wednesday for my next recommendation.  Happy reading!

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