Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Three: Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Today is the worldwide observance of amazing kids.  In honor of such a wonderful day, I would like to talk about three books that I think have incredible kids at their core.
399881.  Matilda
I'm sure everyone has probably read this book, but it is one of my favorite kid's books.  Matilda is such an interesting and unique little girl.  She is brilliant, beyond her youth.  She is kind and loving, although she is not loved much in return.  Her parents are horrible and the school principal, Trunchbull, is abhorrent.  But Matilda will not let them get her down.  She fights back.  Using her smarts she is able to stand up to her bullies.  I've read this book a handful of times and love it every time.  Like all Roald Dahl books, this one is slightly twisted and filled with unsavory adults.  But, the character of Matilda is unforgettable.  It is a book I think every child should read.
2078022.  Ida B
It has been awhile since I read this book, so I don't remember a lot of the details.  I do remember that I thought Ida was an amazing character.  The book is told from her point of view.  Getting inside her head, hearing her thoughts and feelings, while she is going through some difficult life changes, is very poignant.  Her whole world is turned upside down when her mother gets sick and she has to go to public school (instead of continuing her homeschooling).  Also, her family has to sell the land that she has always loved.  Life as she knows it is over, and it is not an easy transition for her.  Her voice is just so strong and, to me, unforgettable.  She is truly a character that stays with you.
3.  Anne of Green Gables
763588I didn't intend to choose all girls, but that is how it worked out.  Anne Shirley is definitely one of the amazing and memorable literary characters out there.  She has a fire and uniqueness that sticks out in a crowd.  The little orphan girl changes the lives of everyone around her.  She doesn't put up with anything.  At times her temper and imagination get the better of her.  She finds herself in trouble she never sees coming, but at the core she is a little girl desperate for love, acceptance and friendship.  She finds all three at Green Gables and in Avonlea.  She is a drama queen extraordinaire, which leads to plenty of laughs.  This is definitely a fun book to read.  If you enjoy it, the series continues through eight books, following Anne through adulthood.

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