Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Three: Movie Adaptations I'd Like to See Made

Today is Popcorn Lover's Day, a perhaps little known worldwide observance.  I'm sure I'm hardly alone in thinking that popcorn and movies is almost synonymous.  I am not really a fan of movie theater popcorn though.  I much prefer my popcorn cooked on a stove-top and lightly salted.  YUM!!  Anyway, in terms of popcorn and movies, I have decided to talk about three books I would love to see made into movies.  This post was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Most of my favorite books have either already been made into movies, or I have already talked about them in other posts.  Still, these three choices would make really fun movies or TV shows.  Even if you don't agree with me on the adaptation possibility, I still think all these series are worth a read.
723801.  Artemis Fowl
Perhaps I should have saved this series for next week (both the author and main character are Irish).  Oh well.  I just love this series.  It starts out with a young, bored, rich, genius boy named Artemis.  He has too much time and too much money to do whatever he wants with.  He is a criminal mastermind in the making and in the first book his sole objective is to prove once and for all that fairies are real.  Then, he wants their gold.  Enter the up and coming young Holly Short.  She is a rising star in the LEPrecon unit of the fairy police.  She is tough and is not about to put up with the young Artemis.  I just love the characters in this series.  The fairies are lots of fun and Artemis' bodyguard, Butler, is wonderful.
7238012.  Vampirates
I'll be honest, I first picked up this book based on the premise alone.  I thought, "Pirates that are vampires.  You can't go wrong there."  I thoroughly enjoyed this series.  In the first book, twins Connor and Grace are separated after a shipwreck.  Grace is rescued by a ship of vampirates and Connor is rescued by a ship of regular pirates.  As the two settle into their new roles aboard their respective ships, destiny starts to unfold, bringing everything to a head.  I just love pirate books and this series is just that much more fun when you're dealing with vampires as well.  Especially when some of them go rouge and the two sides have to join forces to stop them.
777273.  Calvin and Hobbes
I am hardly the only fan of this young troublemaker and his feline sidekick.  The forever six year old is always making me laugh.  I would love to watch his shenanigans on the big screen, or as a television show.  It would probably work best animated, but I would love to see a live-action adaptation.  With all the CGI capabilities, Hobbes would be easy, albeit expensive, to make.  Although this comic strip in no longer being written, the collections still tend to be favorites of many.  In my opinion, this is the best and most brilliantly written comic strip of all time.  I am in no way a comic aficionado, so I don't speak with any authority in this matter.  I just have impeccable taste, so I must be right!

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