Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cruel Beauty

15839984Lately there seems to be a lot of Beauty and the Beast retellings out there.  Cruel Beauty is interesting because it combines the fairy tale with Greek Mythology.  People should know better than to make deals with the Gentle Lord.  The price is always higher than you expect.  When Leonidas Triskelion desperately bargains for a child, his wish is granted.  His wife gives birth to twin girls, one of them promised as a bride to the Gentle Lord.  That is the price Leonidas agreed to.  The hidden barb is that his wife does not survive childbirth.  Seventeen years later, Nyx is preparing to marrying the king of demons.  She has a secret mission she has been training for her whole life: to kill the Gentle Lord and save her people from  900 years of living under his curse.  As she tries to discover the secrets of his house and figure out how to destroy it, she instead discovers truths she never imagined.  Perhaps the Gentle Lord is not the true enemy.  Perhaps he is himself a victim of the curse.  Plus, Nyx finds herself falling in love with the demon.  Can she continue on with her mission to destroy him?  I love fairy tales and I love Greek Mythology.  This book gave me a little of both.  The Children of Typhon, Pandora's Box, the Kindly Ones, plus the mention of various other myths weave their way through the story.  I really enjoyed the characters.  Nyx is a spitfire, constantly amusing Ignifex/the Gentle Lord.  Her tenacity is what keeps her alive.  She is strong and passionate.  As wife number nine, she just might be the one to survive.  Ignifex is not what his reputation leads us to believe.  As all Beast re-imaginings,  he is a lot kinder and he is definitely more than meets the eye.  This is more than a love story.  It is about family, duty, destiny, loyalty, betrayal and consequences.  Nothing comes without a price, and the cost may be more than you can ever imagine.  As far as Beauty and the Beast retellings, this is one of my favorites so far.  It is quite enjoyable.  Happy reading!

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