Friday, May 23, 2014

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy

17910570I haven't been reading a lot of middle grade books lately, but I received an advanced copy of Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy from the publisher.  It was released in January, yet I just got around to reading it.  This book reminded me why I love kids books.  I was drawn to it first by its cover.  It looked a bit magical, and I was instantly interested in reading it.  Although it took me a long time to start this book, I was quickly swept up by the story.  There are actually two intersecting stories taking place.  You have the story of the boy, hand picked by Wizards to deliver a sword to a chosen one who will defeat the Snow Queen.  When he encounters the evil queen, she locks him up.  Ophelia's story begins when she accompanies her father on a job to some foreign city.  He is sword expert and is hired by the museum to help set up an exhibit.  Ophelia spends her days wandering the museum and trying to stay out of trouble.  On her very first day, she stumbles upon a locked room.  Inside she discovers the Marvelous Boy, prisoner of the Snow Queen.  He begins to tell her his story and asks for her help.  She doesn't believe a word of it, after all, magic is not real.  But, she is bored and curious.  She does as he asks, and her world will never be the same.  Adventure and danger await her at every turn.  She must first believe.  Then, she must do all she can to rescue the boy, find the one, and save the world.  She only has a couple days until the world ends and the Snow Queen will take over.  Can the boy and Ophelia stop her?  I really enjoyed the characters.  The writing was full of magic and whimsy.  The story within the story kept me hooked.  I kept wanting to know what Ophelia would encounter next.  The museum setting was lots of fun.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish I had read it earlier.  I think it would make an excellent read aloud, in a classroom setting or just at home.  Either way, it is definitely one that would be fun to read together with children.  It is captivating and enchanting.  Happy reading!


  1. You should bring this with you and let me borrow your copy...