Monday, May 19, 2014

Under the Never Sky

The Under the Never Sky trilogy is not entirely my kind of series, but I gave it a try based on a recommendation.  I love dystopian books, I just prefer less science fiction heavy ones.  That said, I rather enjoyed this series.  It was probably because the majority of the series takes place outside the domed, technologically advanced cities.  In the beginning, Aria, a "Dweller" from the city of Reverie, is tossed out into the wasteland to die.  There she reluctantly teams up with Perry, an "Outsider."  They need each other, although neither wishes to rely on the enemy.  They soon grow to be friends, and then fall in love.  Shocker, I know.  The main struggle throughout the series is the fight for survival.  The world is being ravaged by Aether storms.  The amount of safe land is diminishing.  Worse yet, the Dweller cities are starting to fall.  Their only salvation, a rumored land known as the Still Blue where Aether never lights up the sky.  It is literally a fight to the death to try to get there first.  Outside tribes are fighting for the coordinates and safe passage.  The Dwellers have the ships, but one Outsider is crucial to survival.  Whoever can control him, controls the fate of all mankind.  These books are filled with interesting characters.  One of the best villains I have encountered in a long time is the big bad Sable, Blood Lord of the Horns.  He is pure evil.  My favorite character is Perry's best friend Roar.  He is funny and entertaining, yet quite complex.  I really enjoyed watching him grow and change as his life is turned upside down.  Aria is a fun character to watch develop as well.  She goes from being a Dweller that is totally dependent on technology, being completely tough and self-sufficient.  I love strong female characters, and she is definitely one.  Cinder and Talon are also characters I love.  They are young boys with entirely too much weight on their shoulders.  You just want to wrap them up in a hug and protect them, which is exactly the instinct Perry has toward them.  The books are told in alternating chapters from Perry and Aria's perspectives.  It works because Aria and Perry are often not even in the same settlement half the time, so we get to have multiple story lines going at once.  Their love story is at the heart of the story, but there is definitely a lot more going on.  You route for them to make it work, even when the very world seems to be against them.  It is a tale of star-crossed lovers fighting until the very end, more than willing to die for each other.  While the romance is obviously at the core, the book is primarily science fiction/dystopian in nature.  If any of those genres interest you, I recommend trying out this series.  Happy reading!

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